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(13 July 2018) – I just sent this letter by e-mail to the Guelph mayor and city councillors. I will share their responses as they arrive in my inbox: “Dear Mayor and Councillors, Regarding the decision to set the mayor’s net salary for 2019 at the same level as the net salary for 2018, I have some questions about how you propose to accomplish this. The first question flows from the slight chance that the current mayor is not re-elected but is replaced by a new mayor who has a different personal tax profile, how do you propose to set the new gross salary atRead More →

When activists design campaigns and craft their slogans, they should pay more attention to the message they put out. When I walk around our neighbourhood these days, I see a lot of lawn signs telling us to say no to Nestles. That’s good. I’ve been saying it for a long time. I think the signs are to promote the campaign to stop excessive water-taking for the Nestles bottling facility in Aberfoyle. As a corporation, Nestles had been on my shit list since the late 1970s. That was when it became increasingly clear  they were poisoning babies in the third world. The company gave away freeRead More →

(08 July 2018) – In the final year of every Council term, before an election takes place, a citizen’s committee reviews the salaries paid to the mayor and councillors. Compensation packages are compared to those paid in other cities. Then it recommends where our people fit in with the others. It is a straightforward process that keeps a firewall between the councillors and their pay schedule. Raises come into effect after the election. As an example, the 2014 committee found that our mayor was underpaid in comparison to other Ontario cities. It recommended that the job rate should go up by 26 per cent andRead More →

(03 July 2018) – Guelph is the most environmentally progressive community in Ontario. This must be true, because we are constantly told it is. We are told this because we made history by electing the first Ontario Green Party MPP. Ever. It looked for a while as though we’d have to wait four years to see if it is really true. That’s when the next provincial election will tell us if voters want to do it again. As it happens, we’ll get confirmation a lot sooner than that. We’ll know all about our environmental creds in October when we elect the next city council. FourRead More →