(04 July 2018) – When I left Facebook in March, I had close to 500 contacts. Facebook calls them my friends, which I find annoying. I wouldn’t shout out “hey, how’s it going, eh?” if I saw one walking down the other side of the street. I wouldn’t recognize most if I did see them in the flesh. But still. There were 500 people reading what I wrote. Five hundred people going weak in the knees at the sight of a cute photograph of my dog. Five hundred people anxiously waiting for me to tell them what I think. The idea was to get awayRead More →

(23 March 2016) – Rock and roll music has always been a fashion statement. The statement was in the clothes worn by the musicians and their fans, and also in the topics they wrote and sang about. There was Chantilly lace, white sports coats and pink carnations, and big panamas with purple hat bands. There were tan shoes with pink shoelaces, blue suede shoes and high heel sneakers. The music we listened to defined who we were and what we thought. The clothes we wore reflected our music, visual cues to the soundtrack of our youth.  Rock and roll wasn’t just about the sound andRead More →