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Some of the articles, stories and columns I have written.

(11 May 2018) – Workers are not injured in the construction industry. Or in Guelph. Maybe they’re getting hurt up north in the mines or something. Thus spake Ray Ferraro, the Conservative candidate appointed by provincial leader Doug Trump. Workers here in Guelph are safe as houses, he thinks. He used to be a real estate developer and he knows houses, or so he thinks. Ferraro was on stage last night at Guelph’s first all-candidate meeting of the provincial election. Sponsored by the Guelph-Wellington Coalition for Social Justice, the meeting brought about four hundred people to the Italian-Canadian Club. His answer to a question aboutRead More →

(09 May 2018) – History is something that goes on while we’re looking at something else. It happened again last night. I settled onto the couch and turned on the Blue Jays game. Seattle’s in town for a three game series and the Jays need to pick themselves up. They’ve cooled down since April turned to May. Marcus Stroman was pitching. He’s been having trouble all season, or what we’ve seen of it so far. He said this morning that something’s off. He lasted five innings last night, which was two more than I did. In the third inning, he walked the first batter. ThatRead More →

(08 May 2018) – The Guardian often has good thought-provoking articles. It’s an English newspaper with a strong on-line presence and well worth the time it takes to bookmark it in your browser. What always happens to me sometimes is that the thought it provoked isn’t always the one they evoked. There was an example this morning. An article by Zoe Williams is about the actor Charlize Theron. She gained a lot of weight for her role as a pregnant woman in the movie Tully. Williams thinks some of the critical reaction to this is, to put it delicately, misguided. Theron is being called “brave”Read More →

(04 May 2018) – My father was born 99 years ago today and died ninety years later on July 24 2009. He was away from us a lot when I was growing up. Then I was away from him a lot. We became closer when we both got old. Seajay was born and grew up in the London Borough of Shoreditch. When he was 13 he was awarded a trade scholarship to the Westminster Technical Institute School of Cookery. He did well. School lasted for two years and he worked in the trade for another four. Most of this was spent on Cunard Line cruiseRead More →