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Some of the articles, stories and columns I have written.

(03 May 2018) – Our camera club came up with an interesting twist to our monthly theme. At least, Bill did. He’s the guy who looks after uploads to our photo sharing site. The theme for May is old autos. Bill thought it would be fun to find photos of our more memorable cars. The one we learned to drive on. The first one we owned. The first one we crashed. Things like that. He was right. It was fun. I found a photograph of the car I learned to drive on. The one I passed my driving test on. The one I drove toRead More →

(2018 April 30) – Neil MacDonald had an interesting turn of phrase in a recent column. Like dogs in a bowling alley. He was talking about government plans to regulate cannabis sales. It could just as easily describe the unprecedented events that disrupt our communities these days. We want to chase the bowling ball as it rumbles down the hardwood alley but are distracted by the clattering noise of scattering bowling pins. Take the mayhem and murder in Toronto last week. In the search for a motive, journalists turned to Facebook and found something called “incel”. A series of interconnected posts led them back toRead More →

(22 April 2018) – I am pretty old, but Ray Ferraro has to be even older, or close to it. Call me an ageist if you must, but if you’re presenting yourself as a Party of renewal and change, you don’t put up a candidate who’s older than dirt. You especially don’t do it with a candidate whose political career is marked by failure. Failures of judgement and failure at the ballot box. In all his 70-odd years, Ferraro spent 3 as an elected politician. He was elected councillor for ward 2 in the Kate Quarrie sweep of 2003. That term of Council was suchRead More →

(2018 April 18) – People can forget how to spell bigot but remember how to be bigoted. I was reminded of this when I read a recent article by Harriet Sherwood, religion correspondent for The Guardian. Members of the Muslim community in the Scottish town of Stornoway are building a mosque. Good for them. If they feel they need one, which they do, and have raised the money to build it, which they have, they should have their mosque, and they will. Stornoway is on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. It has a lengthy history of bigotry. It is normally exercised againstRead More →