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For the life of me I can’t understand why any Russian internet trolls really give a shit if either Justin Trudeau or Andrew Scheer becomes Prime Minister next October. Either one or the other will. Of that, there is no doubt. Most of my friends won’t want to hear this, but Jagmeet Singh’s odds of getting there range from slim to none. Even so, they’re still better than Elizabeth May’s. Acknowledging that either the Liberals or Conservatives will win the most seats and form the government should not be misconstrued. It is not a reason to vote for the party you dislike the least, soRead More →

We’ve had the biscuit when it comes to electoral reform in this country. Prime Ministerial duplicity gave it a hard kick in the teeth in February 2017 when Justin Trudeau broke his promise to make the 2015 election the last one to use the “first past the post” (FPTP) system. Proportional representation got another, possibly fatal, kick when British Columbia voters rejected it last December.   Here have now been referendums on the subject three times in British Columbia (2005, 2009 and 2018), twice in Prince Edward Island (2005, 2016), and once in Ontario (2007). Just before Christmas, 61% of voters in British Columbia votedRead More →

I have family members in four different countries, and they are all a mess. Not the family members, the countries. Or three of them. I don’t pay very much attention to Australia. One of my nieces is there on a student visa that runs out soon. She’s nearly finished a PhD in some electrical engineering thing and will be coming home to Canada before too long. It’s the other three countries I worry about. Canada, the United States, and not-so-Great-these-days Britain. They are all run by people who pretend to work for the citizens but really do the opposite. Whatever they do to make thingsRead More →

An engineering professor at the University of British Columbia has set a project for his first-year students.  He wants them to come up with a design that will prevent people from falling into used clothing donation boxes. Too many of our poor and homeless population are dying to get a warm coat.  According to a January 2 CTV news story , he wants to retrofit the existing bins because removing the 6,000 bins in BC would cost millions. Then there’d be a problem of storing them somewhere, which would just add to the cost. The money would be much better spent on poverty relief. ButRead More →