Only 19,000 voted for Ford

Two million three hundred and twenty-six thousand and six hundred and thirty-two Ontarians did not elect Doug Ford as premier. That’s how many voted for Conservative candidates on June 7. Fewer than twenty thousand voted for him.

The only people who put Doug Ford into the premier’s office are, first of all, the 30,041 members of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario who voted for him in their leadership contest. That was 48.26% of the voting members. Christine Elliott got more votes than him, but didn’t win.

The second level of responsibility goes to the 19,055 people in Etobicoke North who voted for him to become their MPP. That was 52.4% of the voters. Assuming that many of the 19,055 were also part of the 30,041, that’s not a lot of people to have caused all this chaos.

Those of us who live in Guelph can be pleased that we are one of the 48 Ontario communities that did not contribute to Ford Nation. We went against the current and elected a Green Party MPP. The first ever in Ontario.

That will mean nothing if we fail to replace our Conservative mayor with a young, progressive mayor who has all the social, environmental and ethical credentials that the premier’s office so sadly lacks.

If we can’t keep the electoral momentum moving forward we need to ask ourselves what did we really accomplish on June 7? Because we should also remember that we are the community that sent ConLib Brenda Elliott and LibCon Liz Sandals to Toronto from 1995 to 2018.

If we fail to elect Agnieszka Mlynarz on October 22, we will fail Guelph.