Aggie Mlynarz

With less than two weeks left until the City Council election we see some ballot box issues crystallizing. These are the issues that candidates hope will be front of mind when you stand at the ballot box on October 22. Let’s look at some of them. Experience Should this be a deciding factor in our choice of Mayor? Experience on Council is important, but so is real life experience outside city hall. Managing the city is not in the Mayor’s job description. The Mayor chairs meetings and leads the governance process. City Council hires a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to manage the city. The CAORead More →

(24 May 2018) – Take this for what it’s worth. It is, after all, coming from an old retired guy who recently made a dramatic decision. If push comes to shove and I am backed into a corner and forced to make a choice between becoming a Conservative or becoming a vegan, I know what I will do. I’d sooner swallow an orange yam than a blue Ford. From a quick look at the Ontario election, it is apparent that lots of other people are thinking the same thing and coming to the same conclusion. Today’s CBC poll tracker tells the tale. The poll tracker, designedRead More →