This evening I finished sorting through my photographs from my week in Glasgow and posted them to my SmugMug photography blog. There are many different sides to the city, and it presents several different faces. Take a look. It’s a great city.    Read More →

Michael Logue was the reason I went to Glasgow for a week in July. He was a good husband, a good father, a good grandfather. All in all, a good man. He fell in love with my cousin Patsy 40 years ago, when he was 17 and she was 15. Their love and friendship endured through the years. They raised two sons and a daughter who, in their turn, brought three girls and a boy into the family. Michael worked on ships assigned to various off-shore projects. As he explained it to me once, it had to do with global positioning systems. The textbook scientificRead More →

“We’ll never swerve, We’ll steadfast be, We’ll have our rights, We will be free. They are unworthy of freedom who expect it from other hands than their own.” As we walked back to Annie’s flat from Bellgrove railway station in the Bridgeton district of Glasgow, we stumbled onto a unique monument. It commemorates the working men and women who built Calton, a district nestled between Bridgeton and the Clyde. It was a dreary wet day, the first real rain the city had had in a couple of weeks. The two of us had spent the afternoon in Dumbarton, exploring the castle that defended against hostileRead More →