Ontario election

Two million three hundred and twenty-six thousand and six hundred and thirty-two Ontarians did not elect Doug Ford as premier. That’s how many voted for Conservative candidates on June 7. Fewer than twenty thousand voted for him. The only people who put Doug Ford into the premier’s office are, first of all, the 30,041 members of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario who voted for him in their leadership contest. That was 48.26% of the voting members. Christine Elliott got more votes than him, but didn’t win. The second level of responsibility goes to the 19,055 people in Etobicoke North who voted for him toRead More →

(17 June 2018) – Charlie has a new best pal for a couple of weeks. Westies can be fickle. Charlie’s best friends change as the dogs he knows come in and out of his line of vision. The most recent one he sees is always the favourite. Right now, today, at this moment, Mowgli is at the top of the list. Mowgli is the chihuahua who’s staying with us for two weeks. We do dog sitting for Hounds on Holiday. Life with Charlie is a holiday, alright. Any dog spending even a day with him is well worn out by nightfall. Time not spent onRead More →

(08 June 2018) – We spent a week and a half in British Columbia and came home to Mike Harris redux. It doesn’t make sense that Ontario would do this to ourselves, but we did. We let Doug Ford trump us, and that’s that. We’ll have him for another four years by which time we’ll be wishing we’d never heard his name. The Green Party benefited from a weak set of other candidates in Guelph. In four years we’ll find out if, as Mike Schreiner said last night, the Green vote showed “what can happen when you vote for what you believe in.” It couldRead More →

(24 May 2018) – Take this for what it’s worth. It is, after all, coming from an old retired guy who recently made a dramatic decision. If push comes to shove and I am backed into a corner and forced to make a choice between becoming a Conservative or becoming a vegan, I know what I will do. I’d sooner swallow an orange yam than a blue Ford. From a quick look at the Ontario election, it is apparent that lots of other people are thinking the same thing and coming to the same conclusion. Today’s CBC poll tracker tells the tale. The poll tracker, designedRead More →