(03 July 2018) – Guelph is the most environmentally progressive community in Ontario. This must be true, because we are constantly told it is. We are told this because we made history by electing the first Ontario Green Party MPP. Ever. It looked for a while as though we’d have to wait four years to see if it is really true. That’s when the next provincial election will tell us if voters want to do it again. As it happens, we’ll get confirmation a lot sooner than that. We’ll know all about our environmental creds in October when we elect the next city council. FourRead More →

(22 June 2018) – We got our final 2018 tax bill this week. It provides a good lesson in value for money. The amount for our house is $3584.04. The city financial folk estimate it will go up to $3763.24 next year. That’s an increase of $179.20 or five per cent. I sat down and compared this with what I will jokingly call my communications budget. Jokingly because I don’t really have one. Like everyone else I know, I don’t do budgets. I pay bills. The communications bills are for telephones and internet. We don’t have any cable or satellite in our house. We droppedRead More →

(19 June 2018) – Someone once asked Yogi Berra why he didn’t go to Rigazzi’s restaurant in his hometown St. Louis. “No one goes there any more,” he answered, “because it’s always too crowded.” It was an old joke when Berra said it, but he’s owned it ever since. It fits his reputation for wisecracks. For those who don’t know, Berra was the all-star New York Yankees catcher for most of his baseball career. He played on 10 World Series winning teams and coached or managed another three. When he dropped out of school after grade 8, he got a job working at Rigazzi’s. ThisRead More →

(08 June 2018) – We spent a week and a half in British Columbia and came home to Mike Harris redux. It doesn’t make sense that Ontario would do this to ourselves, but we did. We let Doug Ford trump us, and that’s that. We’ll have him for another four years by which time we’ll be wishing we’d never heard his name. The Green Party benefited from a weak set of other candidates in Guelph. In four years we’ll find out if, as Mike Schreiner said last night, the Green vote showed “what can happen when you vote for what you believe in.” It couldRead More →