Time to get going

(2018 March 23) – I have decided. We all love to hate Facebook, and for good reason. It has a warm and fuzzy exterior which is the only thing we usually see. It covers up a dark and sinister underbelly.

So I have decided. We all know that Facebook is highly addictive. The fentanyl of social media. I have a habit of falling into some bad habits while avoiding worse ones.

So I have decided. We all tend to give Facebook a free pass because of the friendly nature of its public persona. Accepting Facebook because it helps build community is a lot like accepting Mussolini because he made the trains run on time. I don’t know that Mussolini did, or that Facebook does.

So I decided to withdraw. I won’t quit all at once. Call it a gradual #DeleteFacebook. It will be like when I didn’t quit smoking. I would sneak off to the toilet, turn on the exhaust fan, flush the butt away and come out pretending I’d had a long leak.

I removed all “likes” on music fan pages. Even Duane Eddy. I’ve done the same on books, television programs, movies and other bits and pieces that get dredged up by the data mining trolls.

I stopped proving my IQ by answering quizzes that ask if the capital city of Scotland is Paris, Beijing, Minnesota or Edinburgh.

I withdrew from specific interest discussion groups that are usually self-congratulatory meetings of like-minded people. I don’t expect that at my age I will ramp up my involvement in real-life political activity. I will ramp down my involvement in let’s-pretend activity.

I pared down my “friends” list from close to 500 to about 60. It always annoyed me that Facebook used that term. It trivialized the concept of friendship. Quantity became more important than quality.

So that’s that. I’m not going over to Twitter. I’ve never liked it. Not even a little bit and I won’t use it. I deactivated my Twitter account anyway. Going from Facebook to Twitter is like throwing a rasher of bacon into a vegan stew. It doesn’t make any sense.

I will now concentrate my energy on this little WordPress site. This is where I will hide any writing and photography I do. When I get the hang of Instagram and Google photos and stuff, I’ll post links in there.

And yes, I know. Instagram is owned by Facebook. It just seems less toxic. I know it’s like abandoning the Conservative Party to join the Liberals but that’s life in early 2018.