We voted

(16 May 2018) – Agnieszka Mlynarz can rest easy in the knowledge that she’s not going to get skunked in the election. Lynne and I voted for her at the returning office after supper today. It’s very easy. You don’t even need to memorize the spelling of her name, although it’s not difficult. You spell it just the way it’s pronounced.

The returning office is on Speedvale Avenue, next to Ample Annie’s. The woman attending to the voting booth is very helpful. She gives you a form to fill out saying who you are and where you live and she checks your identification. Then she gives you a blank ballot, a list of the registered candidates so far, and away you go.

Write down Aggie’s name – copy it from the list if your memory is short – and drop it into the ballot box. The printed ballots aren’t ready yet because nominations haven’t closed. As long as it is clear who you are voting for, spelling mistakes won’t matter. The only thing you could do wrong is to mix and mingle first and last names. If you don’t write down “Sly Burnett” or “Mike Ferraro” you’ll be fine.

As luck would have it, the alphabetical listing of the candidates places Paul Taylor at the bottom. He is the candidate for the “none of the above” party. Had his last name started with an A, there wouldn’t be anyone above him on the ballot.

You don’t need a reason to vote early. No one asks, and no one cares. If you’re eligible to vote and your mind is made up, go ahead and get it done. It will help ease the crush on June 7.