When the mind goes wandering

Wondering is when the mind goes wandering. Mine is off for a Wednesday wander.
It looks very much like the Bern has had the bun. The primary system involves selecting delegate who are committed to a specific candidate on the first ballot. With only two in the running, it isn’t going to a second.
What would the consequences be if some delegates elected in the primaries changed their minds? If two months ago they were supporting Clinton but intervening circumstances leading up to the convention have led them to switch to Sanders. Could they do it? If not, why not, and who’s going to stop them?
Speaking of conventions, 52% of the NDP delegates in Edmonton voted in favour of electing a new leader. The party constitution requires the vote to be held within a year. The delegates, including many who voted against the leader, decided to extend this requirement to two years.
When the parliamentary caucus got back to Ottawa, they decided to keep the old leader as the current leader until a new leader comes along. None of them are rushing to toss their hats into the fire. Maybe they don’t want to appear too anxious. Or maybe they were all part of the 48% and support Tom and don’t want the job themselves.
What if the 2018 convention is called let’s say in March, and falls within the two-year extended period. Let’s say as well that there are no declared candidates from inside caucus, and no credible ones from outside?
Would they be able to revisit the decision and pass a resolution saying Sorry, Tom. We were joking. You can keep the job.